Exciting news: coming shortly is the website for Madge Aerial Photography and Survey, my brand new drone business. Watch this space for details until the new website is ready to launch.

Meanwhile, back here, I am a well-established published author*, journalist and content editor. 

For a short, more formal, biography go to Tim Madge.

At the very heart of all Madge matters, is a simple truth that I am a long-standing fully paid-up member of the great outdoors – wild at heart  – fraternity and sorority. I have done my best to keep flying, mountaineering, riding, sailing, skiing – and all the rest. And to keep on having fun (be more wolf, as Elli Radinger in her wonderful book, Wisdom of Wolves, tells us).

*Three of my earlier books, White Mischief, Long Voyage Home, and The Last Hero have been republished, by Endeavour Media,  as ebooks. Meanwhile, three of my novels, City of Dark Desire, Dreamland and The Adventurous Heart now have updated and revised editions on Kindle. Saving Darcy is a novel for the long, Covid-heavy hot summer of 2020, all about the trials and tribulations of internet dating. Or, try The War Within set 80 years ago in another long hot fraught summer of 1940, during the Battle of Britain.

Finally, look out for Savage, a novel published by Endeavour Media, on Kindle, and other e-book platforms. 

So, go buy, enjoy, and recommend to your friends and family  (Available on Kindle editions @ Amazon.co.uk) – the full list, which also includes the hard copies of Long Voyage Home, The Last Hero, White Mischief, Royal Yachts of the World, A Ship Too Far, Beyond the BBC, and even Maiden (with Tracy Edwards).