City of Dark Desire

Follow the many twists and turns of a very Victorian tale of murder and mystery.

Who is the vile and violent Mule, and what secrets does he hide, together with his distracted mistress, Molly? And what and why is he plotting with a desperate gang of Irish itinerants, living in one of London‘s many ‘rookeries‘, and hell bent on mischief and mayhem?

Martin Seaton is on his way back from America by the newest steamship, to try to find his long lost love, Helen. In his increasingly frantic search across London, he has to confront his worst nightmares, as well as treachery and denunciation from all around him. To aid him in his task he comes across a once trusted friend from the United States, Nat. Between them, there is a terrible secret, born of their time in the deep South; and it will not go away.

Meanwhile, all over London, rumours of revolution are abroad, as the government faces down the Chartists and has to deal with the daily intrigues its adherents bring to the bustling rambunctious streets of a packed city, striving to thrive in the squalor as well as among the riches of the largest metropolis the world has ever seen.

In his searches Martin will have to use every ounce of his skills, back working as a journalist for The Times of London. He will have to confront his deepest darkest fears, and answer a more deadly question, at the very end of his long search.

Who is really behind the darkest plot of all: will Martin be in time to stop it?


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